Prof. Gyula Béda received József Nádor Memorial Medal

Prof. Gyula Béda received the most prestious award of BME, the József Nádor Memorial Medal for his outstanding educational and research activity in the last 7 decades and for his long-standing leading role at the Department of Applied Machanics and at the Faculty Mechanical Engineering.


Gábor Stépán received Excellent Teacher Prize of BME

Professor Gábor Stépán received the Excellent Teacher Prize of BME. This prize is awarded based on the recommendation of University Students' Representation to professors who are in the first five places in the Student Opinion Survey (OHV). Congratulations!


Our former student, Balázs Fekete recieved NASA award

Our former PhD student, Dr. Balázs Fekete received Silver Group Achievement Award from NASA for his achievemtns in the Crawler Transporter 2 Crack Repair Team. The certificate is signed personally by Bill Nelson, the Administrator of NASA. Balazs received his PhD degree in 2016 supervised by Dr. András Szekeres, he worked 3 years for NASA, now he jointed to Blue Origin where his task is to design the BE-4 rocket. This is really rocket science!


Szabolcs Berezvai received NFTÖ support

Dr. Szabolcs Berezvai was awarded a grant for his research project "Measurement, modelling and simulation of the energy absorption capacity of biologically inspired heterogeneous soft materials" submitted to the call for the National Scholarship for Young Talents (NFTÖ) of the Prime Minister's Office. The one-year scholarhsip will support the development of mechanical experiments and travel expenses related to the research work started in collaboration with researchers from the University of California Santa Barbara for the academic year 2022/2023.


New ELKH research group at our department

A new ELKH research group is established at our department supported by the Eötvös Loránd Research Network (ELKH), Office for Supported Research Groups (TKI). The ELKH-BME Dynamics of Machines Research Group continues the work of the MTA-BME Research Group on Dynamics of Machines and Vehicles leaded by professor Gábor Stépán.


Our department was awarded the title Excellent MTA Institute

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences has awarded the title "Excellent MTA Institute" to our department as recognition of its internationally outstanding scientific achievements.
The department holds the title for the period from 4th May, 2022 to 30th June, 2027.


Henrik Sykora received CEACM Best Thesis Award

Henrik Sykora received the 2021 CEACM (Central European Association for Computational Mechanics) Best Thesis Award for his PhD thesis titled "Dynamics of Stochastic Mechanical Systems with Delays". His supervisor was Dr. Daniel Bachrathy.


Tamás Insperger awarded the Hungarian Order of Merit Knight's Cross

Our colleague, Dr. Tamás Insperger has been awarded the Hungarian Order of Merit Knight's Cross in recognition of his results in retarded dyanmical systems and his outstanding educational and teaching activities.


Gábor Stépán received Jiangsu Friendship Award

Prof. Gábor Stépán received the Jiangsu Friendship Award from the Jiangsu Provinvial Government in appreciation of his cooperation with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) and for his support for Jiangsu's development.


Dénes Takács won TÉT-IPARI grant

Dénes Takács received funding from NKFIH for a TÉT-IPARI project. In the next three years they will collaborate with Chinese Hefei University of Technology within the project titled "Key Technologies for Integrated Control of Multi-dimensional Coupling Dynamics of Intelligent Automated Vehicles with Time-delay effects".


Tamás Insperger received Master Teacher Gold Medal Award

The National Council of Student Research Societies awarded Master Teacher Gold Medal to Dr. Tamás Insperger for his supporting work supervisoring talented students in Student Research Conferences.


Book on human balancing

The book titled „Delay and Uncertainty in Human Balancing Tasks” by Tamas Insperger and Prof. John Milton (The Claremont Colleges, USA) has been published by Springer.


Gabor Stepan received IFAC award

Prof. Gabor Stepan received 2021 IFAC Life Time Achievement Awards on Time Delay Systems for his contributions to theoretical advances and engineering applications of time delay systems, and for his efforts in building bridges among various academic communities.


Gyula Béda Workshop

The former dean of our faculty, former head of our department, prof. Gyula Béda has celebrated his 90th birthday this year. On the occasion of this anniversary, we have organized a workshop in honour of prof. Béda.


Hanna Zsófia Horváth received Pro Scientia Golden Medal

Our PhD student, Hanna Zsófia Horváth received Pro Scientia Golden Medal Award from the section of engineering sciences of the National Students' Scientific Conference (OTDK). The title of her OTDK work was "Nonlinear vibrations of towed vehicles". Her supervisor was Dr. Dénes Takács.


Daniel Bachrathy received Bolyai János Research Scholarship

Our colleague, Dr. Bachrathy Dániel has been awarded the MTA Bolyai János Research Scholarship.
Congratulations on this prestigious award, and we wish him good luck for the next 3 years of research!


Four of our colleagues won NKFI (OTKA) grants!

Dr. Tamás Insperger received funding for OTKA research project with title "Experimental analysis of virtual and real human balancing tasks", Dr. Daniel Bachrathy received funding for OTKA young research project titled "Modelling Stochastic Effects in Machining of Flexible Parts - Stability and Surface Quality", Dr. Szabolcs Berezvai and Dr. David Hajdu received funding for postdoc project titled "Constitutive modelling of soft material based artificial muscles" and "Guaranteed stability of controlled dynamical systems with delay", respectively.


Excelent results by our students at the 2021 Student's Scientific Conference National finals

We are proud that the department's students won 6 prizes as follows (the supervisors are in parentheses):

  • 1st prize:
    Horváth Hanna Zsófia (Dr. Takács Dénes)
    Gábos Zoltán (Dr. Dombóvári Zoltán)
  • 3rd prize:
    Fodor Gergő (Dr. Sykora Henrik)
    Iklódi Zsolt (Dr. Dombóvári Zoltán)
  • Special Prize:
    Takács Donát (Dr. Hénap Gábor)
    Berencsi Bence (Dr. Kossa Attila)


TDS Webinar online seminar series

The IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) Working Group on Time Delay Systems has launched a new online seminar series on time delay systems, the TDS Webinar, where well-known professors of the field give a 1 hour talk. The opening presentation has been held by Prof. Gábor Stépán with the title "Parametric Sensitivity of Time-Delay Systems".


Attila Kossa awarded the Hungarian Order of Merit Knight's Cross

Our colleague, Dr. Attila Kossa has been awarded the Hungarian Order of Merit Knight's Cross in recognition of his novel results in mechanical modelling of materials, the related numerical simulations and his outstanding educational and teaching activities.


Gabor Stépán CIRP fellow

Prof. Gabor Stepan has been elected as fellow of The International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP), which is the world leading organization in production engineering research. The list of prominent CIRP members related to BME includes the names of Professor Stephen Tobias (BME graduate 1945, head of Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Birmingham 1960-1986), Prof. Yusuf Altintas (Honorary Doctor of BME 2012, President of CIRP 2016/17), Prof. Laszlo Monostori (BME GTT, President of CIRP 2013/14) and Dr. Jokin Munoa (visiting researhcer at our department, he was elected as member of CIRP also this year).


2019/2020-II OHV results

The latest OHV (Evaluation of Lecturers by Students) results for the 2020 spring semester has been published. Our colleague, assistant professor Szabolcs Berezvai, who just received his PhD this summer, was ranked to the first place with the highest score at BME. Congratulations!


Three of our colleagues won NKFI (OTKA) grants!

Dr. András Szekrényes received funding for OTKA research project with title "Modern engineering experiments performed on elastic composite structural elements", Dr. Giuseppe Habib received funding for OTKA young research project titled "Robustness assessment against large perturbations in real-life engineering systems" and Dr. Tamás Molnár received funding for postdoc project titled "Bridging time delay systems and neural networks". Congratulations!


The most excellent scientific publication of BME 2015-2019 award

Our colleagues, Dr. Zoltán Dombóvári and Dr. Gábor Stépán received "the most excellent scientific publication of BME 2015-2019" award for their article titled "Chatter suppression techniques in metal cutting" published in CIRP Annals in 2016.
The paper so far received 103 independent Web of Science citations. The co-authors are well-known experts in the field of machine tool vibrations, such as prof. Yusuf Altintas and prof. Erhan Budak. The first author, Dr. Jokin Munoa, was research associate at BME for one and a half years as member of prof. Stepan's SIREN ERC research group.
Further details (in Hungarian) at the BME's homepage.


Gábor Stépán is winner of the Frontline - Research Excellence Program

Professor Gábor Stépán won the support of the Frontline - Research Excellence Program for a 5-year project titled "Numerical and hardware-in-the-loop simulation for the suppression of machine tool chatter in milling operation by optimizing the tool-edge geometry and mechanical contacts". Frontline – Research Excellence Programme Proposal is a research support proposal model designed to offer substantial support for a duration of at most 5 years, for researchers who are ranked among the best in their disciplines in the world and are in the most dynamic stage of their research career and aim to realize their research at a Hungarian research institution. The project winners are typically former ERC grant holders.


Epidemiological protection

BME have implemented enhanced epidemiological protection activities against the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease. The detailed instructions can be seen at BME's website.


Two professors from our Department among the best in the world has recently reported that Stanford University, SciTech Strategies, and Elsevier have published a worldwide rank of best researchers. In this list, there are 150 researchers from Hungary, 18 from BME and 4 from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. From the Department of Applied Mechanics, two professors are in the list, Gábor Stépán and Tamás Insperger.
Further information.


Gábor Stépán received an NKFI research grant

Prof. Gábor Stépán received support from NKFIH for the project titled "Dynamics of Robot-Assisted Machining". The four-year project started in December 2019 and the goal is to analyze the dynamic behaviour of next-generation collaborative machining centers.



The "EUROSTARS FORTH - Force-controlled tool holder for vibration-less, accurate and chip jamming-free internal turning" project received support from the European Union. The project also involves Spanish and French parters and the Hungarian coordinator is Zoltán Dombóvári.


Dr. Zsolt Vízváry received the Simonyi Károly Memorial Award

Dr. Zsolt Vízváry received the Simonyi Károly Memorial Award

Our former colleague, Dr. Zsolt Vízváry (UKAEA Culham Science Centre) received the Simonyi Károly Memorial Award for his activities and achievements in the field of fusion energy research. The Simonyi Károly Memorial Award was founded in 2007 by the Hungarian Nuclear Society and is given in recognition of Hungarian researchers and engineers with outstanding achievements, in the field of fusion plasma physics and technology. Congratulations!
Further details:


Dombóvári Zoltán is a winner of the MTA Lendület!

Dombóvári Zoltán will soon start a new research team at our department.
He's proposal won funding at the Lendület programme of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Further information can be found at the homepage of MTA and BME.


Welcome to our new site!

After 20 years, the homepage of the Department of Applied Mechanics has been renewed.

In 1995, the homepage of the department was the first webpage of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Its usual, classic style with its specific colors was set in 2000. Its new structure and style (switch theme) have been made concerning today's expectations.

Any comments with respect to our new site are welcomed at the email address.