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Géza Pattantyús-Ábrahám Doctoral School of Mechanical Engineering

PhD Courses in English

Code*Title (responsible)Details**
PhD subjects for complex final exam
PDINMechanics I. (Dynamics) (Gábor STÉPÁN)200V3
PANMMechanics II. (Analytical Mechanics) (Gábor STÉPÁN)200V3
PKM1Mechanics I. (Fundamentals of Continuum Mechanics) (Gyula BÉDA)200V3
PKM2Mechanics II. (Advanced Topics in Continuum Mechanics) (Gyula BÉDA)200V3
PKPLMechanics II. (Finite elastic-plastic strain) (László SZABÓ)200V3
PNMMNumerical Methods in Mechanics (Ádám KOVÁCS)200V3
PROBRobot Mechanisms (Zsolt SZABÓ)200V3
PhD elective subjects
151DMechanics of composites (András SZEKRÉNYES)200V3
199DDynamics and simulation of multibody systems (Ambrus ZELEI)200V3

*: The first 7 characters of the Neptun code is BMEGEMM
**: details are lectures|practices|labs|requirement|credit points