ETCONTROL, Eltech, Eldegene
Control the element technologies used in element formulation (for applicable elements).

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Element technology control:



The program offers a suggestion for the best element technology before solving. If necessary, mixed u-P (KEYOPT(6)) is also included and reset. This behavior is the default.



The program informs you of the best settings and resets any applicable KEYOPT settings automatically. This action overrides any previous manual settings.



Deactivates automatic selection of element technology. No suggestions are issued, and no automatic resetting occurs.


Element degenerated shape control:



If element shapes are degenerated, the degenerated shape function is employed and enhanced strain, simplified enhanced strain, and B-bar formulations are turned off (default).



If element shapes are degenerated, regular shape functions are still used, and the specified element technologies (e.g., enhanced strain, B-bar, uniform reduced integration) are still used.


The command default is ETCONTROL,SUGGESTION,ON.

This command is valid for elements SHELL181, PLANE182, PLANE183, SOLID185, SOLID186, SOLID187, BEAM188, BEAM189, SHELL208, SHELL209, PLANE223, SOLID226, SOLID227, REINF264, SOLID272, SOLID273, SHELL281, SOLID285, PIPE288, PIPE289, ELBOW290.

For more information, see Automatic Selection of Element Technologies and Formulations in the Element Reference.

Menu Paths

Main Menu>Preprocessor>Element Type>Elem Tech Control

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