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Longman, London co-published with Wiley, New York
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Most cited journal papers

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Most recent publications

2012 Equations with advanced arguments in stick balancing models
Insperger T, Wohlfart R, Turi J, Stepan G
Model based reconstruction of milled surface topography from measured cutting forces
Denkena B, Kruger M, Bachrathy D, Stepan G
2011 The ACROBOTER Platform - Part 2: Servo-Constraints in Computed Torque Control
Zelei A, Stepan G
Computed torque control of an under-actuated service robot platform modeled by natural coordinates
Zelei A, Kovacs LL, Stepan G
Identification of cutting force characteristics based on chatter experiments
Stepan G, Dombovari Z, Munoa J