User-Defined Element

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USER300 Element Description

Mechanical APDL offers a convenient way create your own custom element named USER300. You can create virtually any element type.

The UserElem subroutine provides an interface to Mechanical APDL code above the element level, passing all data needed to create your user-defined element, then returning all data and results from the element to update the database and files. Because access to database and file information occurs through the interface, an understanding of Mechanical APDL database routines and file structures is rarely necessary. The interface also provides access to Mechanical APDL code at the material level, allowing you to call standard Mechanical APDL material subroutines from your element coding.

USER300 Input Data

Use the USRELEM and USRDOF commands to input basic element characteristics. All other characteristics default automatically.

Special features include element convergence criteria and cutback control via the element.

The element supports parallel processing and can be used in a distributed solution.

USER300 Assumptions and Restrictions

The following capabilities are not available for user-defined elements:

  • Birth and death

  • Superelement stress pass

  • Initial stress

  • Section input

  • Input of fluences

  • Swelling

USER300 Product Restrictions

There are no product-specific restrictions for this element.

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