1.2. Conventions Used in This Reference

This reference uses the following conventions to help you identify various types of information:

Type style or textIndicates

Uppercase indicates an element name (such as SOLID273 or ELBOW290).

Bold uppercase indicates a command name (such as K or DDELE).

Bold> Bold

Bold text in mixed case indicates a menu path within the graphical user interface (GUI), a series of menu options for accessing a command from the GUI.

One or more angle brackets (>) separate menu items in a menu path.

A command shown in the text is sometimes followed by its GUI equivalent in parentheses, as shown in this example: *GET command (Utility Menu> Parameters> Get Scalar Data).


Uppercase italic letters (such as VALUE, INC, TIME) generally indicate command arguments for numeric values.

In some cases (where indicated), non-numeric convenience labels (such as ON, OFF and ALL) can also be specified for these arguments.

ItalicsMixed case italic letters (such as Lab or Fname) generally indicate command arguments for alphanumeric values.
COURIERA courier font indicates command input or output.

1.2.1. Product Codes

A list of product codes appears below and to the right of the short description of each element. The element is valid only for the products listed.

The codes represent each of the products in the ANSYS Mechanical family of products:

DesSpcANSYS DesignSpace
ProANSYS Mechanical Pro
PremiumANSYS Mechanical Premium
EnterpriseANSYS Mechanical Enterprise
Ent PPANSYS Mechanical Enterprise PrepPost
Ent SolverANSYS Mechanical Enterprise Solver

If the code for a product does not appear, then that element is either not valid or not applicable in the corresponding product. For example, if the Pro and DYNA symbols are not listed, the pertinent command is not valid in the ANSYS Mechanical Pro or ANSYS LS-DYNA products, but is valid in each of the remaining products.

1.2.2. Applicable Products

This document applies to the following family of products:

ANSYS DesignSpace
ANSYS Mechanical Pro (structural, full thermal, and vibration analysis)
ANSYS Mechanical Premium (nonlinear structural, full thermal, vibration, linear dynamics analysis)
ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise (advanced nonlinear structural, full thermal, vibration, linear dynamics and nonlinear transient dynamics, fracture, acoustics, full coupled-field, hydrodynamics)
ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise PrepPost
ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise Solver (batch mode)

Note:  Some individual options on a command or element can be invalid in a product that is otherwise supported. Check the Product Restrictions section of the command or element documentation for exceptions to the general string of Compatible Products at the top.

While connection capabilities and High Performance Computing are included as part of the release distribution, they are separately-licensed products. Contact your Support Representative if you want to install and run any of the separately-licensed products at your site.

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