Teaching at BME, 2011

First prize for one of my MSc students

Teaching Activity

PhD Level

1989- Supervisor of 31 PhD students, among the most successful students
- 9 students received PhD at Budapest University of Technology (BME)
- 6 students transferred to US universities and received PhD there
2011 Delay Equations with Engineering Applications
5 lectures at International Winter School on Recent Trends in Nonlinear Science (Barcelona, Spain)
2009 Oscillations in time-delay systems and applications
5 lectures at International Summer School in Automatic Control of Grenoble (Grenoble, France)
2006 How Delay Equations Arise in Engineering?
5 lectures at Summer School on Delay Differential Equations and Applications (Dobbiaco, Italy)
2004 Theory and Applications of Delay-Differential Equations in Modeling Turning, Drilling and Milling
6 lectures at Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos for High-Volume and Ultra-Precision Metal Cutting, D’Alambert Session, International Centre for Mechanical Sciences - CISM (Udine, Italy)
1994 Equations of Motion of Non-Holonomic Systems
6 lectures at PhD Seminar Series on Locomotion (California Institute of Technology)
1992- Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
elective for PhD students in Mechanical, Civil and Transportation Engineering (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary)
1983- Reviewer of 33 PhD and DSc thesis works for 6 Hungarian institutions and for 4 foreign universities:
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (KTH)
University of Bristol (UoB)
Eindhoven University of Technology (EUT)
University of British Columbia, Vancouver (UBC)

BSc/MSc Level

2009- Lecturer of the new course Analytical Mechanics (in English)
(prerequisite in Mechanical Engineering Modelling, MSc)
2007- Lecturer of Dynamics
(prerequisite in Mechanical Engineering, BSc)
2001-2008 Lecturer of the new course Dynamics of Machines
(in English, prerequisite in Integrated Engineering)
1997-2010 Lecturer of the new course Machine Tool Vibrations
(elective in production technology)
1996-2006 Lecturer of Kinematics and Dynamics
(prerequisite in Mechanical Engineering)
1995- Lecturer of Vibrations
(prerequisite in Mechanical Engineering, BSc)
1995 Lecturer of Lagrangian Dynamics (CDS240c, Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, California Institute of Technology)
1993-1994 Lecturer of the new course Dynamics of Computer Controlled Machines
(elective in Machine Design)
1993- Lecturer of Nonlinear Vibrations
(elective in Engineering Physics, in Mathematical Engineering, prerequisite in Applied Mechanics)
1992- Lecturer of Dynamics of Machines
(elective in Machine Design, prerequisite in Applied Mechanics, BSc)
1991- Lecturer of the graduate course Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
1990-1996 Lecturer of the new MSc course Advanced Applied Mechanics in English
1985- Lecturer of Analytical Mechanics I,II
(prerequisite in Mathematical engineering, elective in Applied mechanics)
1984-1987 Lecturer of the new BSc courses Mechanics I-IV in English
1983-1984 Participant and teacher of the new curriculum in Computer Science
1978-1990 Practice, laboratory work in all the subjects of Mechanics
1985-2009 Supervisor of 42 MSc thesis project works