RFORCE, NVAR, NODE, Item, Comp, Name
Specifies the total reaction force data to be stored.

Compatible Products: – | Pro | Premium | Enterprise | Ent PP | Ent Solver | DYNA


Arbitrary reference number assigned to this variable (2 to NV [NUMVAR]). Overwrites any existing results for this variable.


Node for which data are to be stored. If NODE = P, graphical picking is enabled (valid only in the GUI).


Label identifying the item. Valid item labels are shown in the table below. Some items also require a component label.


Component of the item (if required). Valid component labels are shown in the table below.


Thirty-two character name identifying the item on printouts and displays. Defaults to an eight character label formed by concatenating the first four characters of the Item and Comp labels.


Defines the total reaction force data (static, damping, and inertial components) to be stored from single pass (ANTYPE,STATIC or TRANS) solutions or from the expansion pass of mode-superposition (ANTYPE,HARMIC or TRANS) solutions.

Table 218:  RFORCE - Valid Item and Component Labels

Valid item and component labels for node results are:
FX,Y,ZX, Y, or Z structural force
MX,Y,ZX, Y, or Z structural moment
HEAT[1] Heat flow
FLOW Fluid flow
AMPS Current flow
FLUX Magnetic flux
CSGX,Y,ZX, Y, or Z magnetic current segment component
RATE Diffusion flow rate
VLTG Voltage drop
CURT Current
CHRG Charge

  1. For SHELL131 and SHELL132 elements with KEYOPT(3) = 0 or 1, use the labels HBOT, HE2, HE3, . . ., HTOP instead of HEAT.

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