Calculates the rms power loss in a conductor or lossy dielectric.

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POWERH invokes an ANSYS macro which calculates the time-averaged (rms) power loss in a conductor or lossy dielectric material from a harmonic analysis. The power loss is stored in the parameter PAVG. Conductor losses include solid conductors and surface conductors approximated by impedance or shielding boundary conditions. The power loss density for solid conductors or dielectrics is stored in the element table with the label PLOSSD and may be listed [PRETAB] or displayed [PLETAB]. PLOSSD does not include surface losses. The elements of the conducting region must be selected before this command is issued. POWERH is valid for 2-D and 3-D analyses.

Menu Paths

Main Menu>General Postproc>Elec&Mag Calc>Element Based>Power Loss

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