PRETAB, Lab1, Lab2, Lab3, Lab4, Lab5, Lab6, Lab7, Lab8, Lab9
Prints the element table items.

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Lab1, Lab2, Lab3, . . . , Lab9

Print selected items. Valid labels are (blank) or any label as specified with the ETABLE command. Convenience labels may be used for Lab1 to select groups of labels (10 labels maximum): GRP1 for first 10 stored items; GRP2 for items 11 to 20; GRP3 for items 21 to 30; GRP4 for items 31 to 40; GRP5 for items 41 to 50. Enter ETABLE,STAT command to list stored item order. If all labels are blank, print first 10 stored items (GRP1).


Prints the items stored in the table defined with the ETABLE command. Item values will be listed for the selected elements in the sorted sequence [ESORT]. The FORCE command can be used to define which component of the nodal load is to be used (static, damping, inertia, or total).

Portions of this command are not supported by PowerGraphics [/GRAPHICS,POWER].

Menu Paths

Main Menu>General Postproc>Element Table>List Elem Table
Main Menu>General Postproc>List Results>Elem Table Data
Utility Menu>List>Results>Element Table Data

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