2.14. DISPLAY Program Commands

These commands are used for the DISPLAY program. The DISPLAY program is a companion program to ANSYS, used for recovering graphics displays produced within ANSYS. The commands are grouped by functionality.

Table 2.109:  Setup

These DISPLAY commands are used to set up the DISPLAY program.
/CMAPChanges an existing or creates a new color mapping table. 
/DEVDISPControls graphics device options. 
FILEDISPSpecifies the file containing the graphics data. 
HELPDISPDisplays help information on DISPLAY program commands. 
/INPUTSwitches the input file for the commands that follow. 
NOCOLORRemoves color from graphics displays. 
/SEGAllows graphics data to be stored in the local terminal memory. 
/SHOWDISPDefines the display driver name. 
TRANSReformats File.GRPH for improved performance with plotters. 

Table 2.110:  Driver Options

These DISPLAY commands are used to specify the graphics driver and options for subsequent plots.
TERMSpecifies various terminal driver options. 

Table 2.111:  Action

These DISPLAY commands are used to produce the plots and exit the program.
FINISHExits normally from a processor. 
PLOTForms a display. 
STATDisplays the status of database settings. 

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