Sets the program mode to "batch."

Compatible Products: – | Pro | Premium | Enterprise | Ent PP | Ent Solver | DYNA


Specifies listing mode during a batch run:



The batch output will include a listing of the input file.



Suppress input data listing.

Command Default

Interactive mode.


Sets the program mode to "batch" when included as the first line on an input file of ANSYS commands. For convenience, this command is automatically recorded on the log file (Jobname.LOG) at the beginning of an interactive ANSYS session so that the log file can be reused later for batch input.

Caution:  This command should not be entered directly in an interactive ANSYS session since all subsequent keyboard input is simply copied to a file, without further processing or prompts from the program (use the "system break" to exit the ANSYS program if this occurs).

The recommended method for choosing batch mode, rather than using the /BATCH command, is to select the Batch simulation environment from the ANSYS Product Launcher task in the ANSYS launcher, or the batch mode entry option on the ANSYS execution command when entering the program.

This command is valid only at the Begin Level.

Menu Paths

This command cannot be accessed from a menu.

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