13.77. PLANE77 - 2-D 8-Node Thermal Solid

Matrix or VectorGeometryShape FunctionsIntegration Points
Conductivity Matrix and Heat Generation Load VectorQuadEquation 11–1383 x 3
TriangleEquation 11–1176
Specific Heat MatrixSame as conductivity matrix. If KEYOPT(1) = 1, matrix is diagonalized as described in Lumped MatricesSame as conductivity matrix
Convection Surface Matrix and Load Vector Same as conductivity matrix, specialized to the face2

13.77.1. Other Applicable Sections

Heat Flow describes the derivation of the thermal element matrices and load vectors as well as heat flux evaluations. If KEYOPT(1) = 1, the specific heat matrix is diagonalized as described in Lumped Matrices.

13.77.2. Assumptions and Restrictions

A dropped midside node implies that the edge is straight and that the temperature varies linearly along that edge.

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