13.71. MASS71 - Thermal Mass

Matrix or VectorShape Functions Integration Points
Specific Heat Matrix and Heat Generation Load VectorNoneNone

13.71.1. Specific Heat Matrix

The specific heat matrix for this element is simply:


Co is defined as:



ρ = density (input as DENS on MP command)
Cp = specific heat (input as C on MP command)
vol = volume (input as CON1 on R command)
Ca = capacitance (input as CON1 on R command)

13.71.2. Heat Generation Load Vector

The heat generation load vector is:



QR = heat rate (input as QRATE on MP command)
A1, A2, etc. = constants (input as A1, A2, etc. on R command)
Tunif = uniform temperature (input on BFUNIF command)
= temperature from previous iteration
To = offset temperature (input on TOFFST command)

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