Lists the defined volumes.

Compatible Products: – | Pro | Premium | Enterprise | Ent PP | Ent Solver | DYNA


List volumes from NV1 to NV2 (defaults to NV1) in steps of NINC (defaults to 1). If NV1 = ALL (default), NV2 and NINC are ignored and all selected volumes [VSEL] are listed. If NV1 = P, graphical picking is enabled and all remaining command fields are ignored (valid only in the GUI). A component name may also be substituted for NV1 (NV2 and NINC are ignored).


An attribute (TYPE, MAT, REAL, or ESYS) listed as a zero is unassigned; one listed as a positive value indicates that the attribute was assigned with the VATT command (and will not be reset to zero if the mesh is cleared); one listed as a negative value indicates that the attribute was assigned using the attribute pointer [TYPE, MAT, REAL, or ESYS] that was active during meshing (and will be reset to zero if the mesh is cleared). A "-1" in the "nodes" column indicates that the volume has been meshed but there are no interior nodes. The volume size is listed only if a VSUM command has been performed on the volume. Volume orientation attributes (KZ1 and KZ2) are listed only if a VEORIENT command was previously used to define an orientation for the volume.

This command is valid in any processor.

Menu Paths

Utility Menu>List>Volumes

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