Lists spot weld sets.

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Name of an existing spot weld set that was previously defined using SWGEN. If Ecomp = ALL (default), all spot weld sets are listed.


This command lists spot weld node, beam, and contact pair information for all defined spot weld sets, or for the specified set. To ensure that all defined spotwelds are listed, issue CMSEL,ALL (to select all components) before issuing the SWLIST command.

When SWLIST is issued in POST1, the beam forces and moments are output. For the case of a deformable spot weld, the stresses are also output in the beam local coordinate system.

Menu Paths

Main Menu>General Postproc>List Results>SpotWeld Solution
Main Menu>Preprocessor>Modeling>Create>Elements>SpotWeld>List
Utility Menu>List>Results>SpotWeld Solution

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