SPOINT, NODE, X, Y, Z, InertiaKey
Defines a point for force/moment summations or inertia calculation

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Node number of the desired point. If zero, use X,Y,Z to describe point.

X, Y, Z

Global Cartesian coordinates of the desired summation point. Used if NODE is 0. Defaults to (0,0,0).


Inertia key:



Point or node is used for the force/moment summations (default).



Point or node is used for the calculation of total inertia.

Command Default

No point is defined by default; you must either specify a node or coordinates.


By default (InertiaKey = OFF), defines a point (any point other than the origin) about which the tabular moment summations are computed. If force summations are desired in other than the global Cartesian directions, a node number must be specified on the NODE field, and the desired coordinate system must be activated with RSYS. The command must be issued in the /POST1 module.

When the inertia key is activated (InertiaKey = ON), the total inertia printed in the precise mass summary is calculated with respect to the point or node in the global Cartesian system. In this case, the command must be issued during the first load step in the /SOLU module.

Menu Paths

Main Menu>General Postproc>Nodal Calcs>Summation Pt>At Node
Main Menu>General Postproc>Nodal Calcs>Summation Pt>At XYZ Loc

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