Sets the tolerance for subsequent select operations.

Compatible Products: – | Pro | Premium | Enterprise | Ent PP | Ent Solver | DYNA


Tolerance value. If blank, restores the default tolerance logic.


For selects based on non-integer numbers (e.g. coordinates, results, etc.), items within the range VMIN - Toler and VMAX + Toler are selected, where VMIN and VMAX are the range values input on the xSEL commands (ASEL, ESEL, KSEL, LSEL, NSEL, and VSEL).

The default tolerance logic is based on the relative values of VMIN and VMAX as follows:

  • If VMIN = VMAX, Toler = 0.005 x VMIN.

  • If VMIN = VMAX = 0.0, Toler = 1.0E-6.

  • If VMAX ≠ VMIN, Toler = 1.0E-8 x (VMAX-VMIN).

This command is typically used when VMAX-VMIN is very large so that the computed default tolerance is therefore large and the xSEL commands selects more than what is desired.

Toler remains active until respecified by a subsequent SELTOL command. A SELTOL < blank > resets back to the default Toler logic.

Menu Paths

This command cannot be accessed from a menu.

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