SECJOINT, Kywrd, Val1, Val2, Val3, Val4, Val5, Val6
Defines local coordinate systems at joint element nodes and other data for joint elements.

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Keyword that indicates the type of joint element data being defined.

LSYS or blank


Define local coordinate systems at the nodes that form the MPC184 joint element.



Define the relative degrees of freedom to be fixed for an MPC184-General joint element.



Define the pitch of an MPC184-Screw joint element.



Define the geometric quantities required for Coulomb frictional behavior in the MPC184-Revolute or MPC184-Translational joint element.

Val1, Val2, Val3, Val4, Val5, Val6

The meaning of Val1 through Val6 changes, depending on the value of Kywrd.

If Kywrd = LSYS (or blank), Val1 and Val2 are Identifiers of the local coordinate systems at nodes I and J, respectively, of the joint element. Val3 through Val6 are not used.

If Kywrd = RDOF, Val1 through Val6 are the relative degrees of freedom to be fixed for a general joint element. Input 1 for UX, 2 for UY, 3 for UZ, 4 for ROTX, 5 for ROTY, and 6 for ROTZ. You may input the DOFs in any order.

If Kywrd = PITC, Val1 is the pitch of the screw joint element; pitch is defined as the ratio of relative axial displacement (length units) to relative rotation (in radians). Val2 through Val6 are not used.

If Kywrd = FRIC, Val1 through Val3 are defined as follows.

For Revolute Joint:
Val1 = outer radius
Val2 = inner radius
Val3 = effective length
For Translational Joint:
Val1 = effective length
Val2 = effective radius


Use this command to define additional section data for MPC184 joint elements. To overwrite the current values, issue another SECJOINT command with the same Kywrd value. The data input on this command is interpreted based on the most recently issued SECTYPE command.

Menu Paths

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