MSHAPE, KEY, Dimension
For elements that support multiple shapes, specifies the element shape to be used for meshing.

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Key indicating the element shape to be used:



Mesh with quadrilateral-shaped elements when Dimension = 2-D mesh with hexahedral-shaped elements when Dimension = 3-D.



Mesh with triangle-shaped elements when Dimension = 2-D mesh with tetrahedral-shaped elements when Dimension = 3-D.


Specifies the dimension of the model to be meshed:



2-D model (area mesh).



3-D model (volume mesh).

Command Default

Since specification of element shape [MSHAPE] and meshing type [MSHKEY] are so closely related, the element shape that ANSYS meshes with depends on the combination of the values that are set for the two commands. The table below explains what happens when you fail to specify values for these settings.

Your action...How it affects the mesh...
You issue the MSHAPE command with no arguments.ANSYS uses quadrilateral-shaped or hexahedral-shaped elements to mesh the model, depending on whether you are meshing an area or a volume.
You do not specify an element shape, but you do specify the type of meshing to be used [MSHKEY].ANSYS uses the default shape of the element to mesh the model. It uses the type of meshing that you specified.
You specify neither an element shape nor the type of meshing to be used.ANSYS uses the default shape of the element to mesh the model. It uses whichever type of meshing is the default for that shape.


If no value is specified for Dimension the value of KEY determines the element shape that will be used for both 2-D and 3-D meshing. In other words, if you specify MSHAPE,0, quadrilateral-shaped and hexahedral-shaped elements will be used. If you specify MSHAPE,1, triangle-shaped and tetrahedral-shaped elements will be used.

The MSHAPE, MSHKEY, and MSHMID commands replace the functionality that was provided by the ESHAPE command in ANSYS 5.3 and earlier releases.

This command is also valid for rezoning.

Menu Paths

Main Menu>Preprocessor>Meshing>Mesh>Volumes>Mapped>4 to 6 sided
Main Menu>Preprocessor>Meshing>Mesher Opts
Main Menu>Solution>Manual Rezoning>Create Remesh Zone(s)>Mesh Controls>Global Meshing Options

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