Copies linear material model data from one material reference number to another.

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Unused field


Material reference number from where material property data will be copied.


Material reference number to where material property data will be copied.


The MPCOPY command copies linear material properties only, which are all properties defined through the MP command. If you copy a model that includes both linear and yield behavior constants (for example, a BKIN model), the MPCOPY and TBCOPY, ALL commands are used together to copy the entire model. All input data associated with the model is copied, that is, all data defined through the MP and TB commands.

Also, if you copy a material model using the Material Model Interface (Edit> Copy), both the commands MPCOPY and TBCOPY, ALL are issued, regardless of whether the model includes linear constants only, or if it includes a combination of linear and yield behavior constants.

This command is also valid in SOLUTION.

Menu Paths

Main Menu>Preprocessor>Loads>Load Step Opts>Other>Change Mat Props>Material Models
Main Menu>Preprocessor>Material Props>Material Models
Main Menu>Solution>Load Step Opts>Other>Change Mat Props>Material Models

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