HELP, Name
Displays help information on ANSYS commands and element types.

Compatible Products: – | Pro | Premium | Enterprise | Ent PP | Ent Solver | DYNA


Command name or element type. Examples are: HELP,MP or HELP,SOLID185 (or HELP,185). For a list of elements of a particular type, enter HELP,BEAM, HELP,SOLID, HELP,HYPER, etc.


If Name uniquely matches a command or element name, the description for that command or element will be displayed in the Help Window. For command help, you must type the complete command name (including the * or /). The help system cannot find partial matches. If * is used at the beginning of the string, it will be interpreted as an ANSYS * command.

For help on topics that are not ANSYS commands or element types (for example, help for the word "material"), use the index or full text search features of the ANSYS online help system.

The HELP command is valid only in GUI mode. To obtain help when not in GUI mode, you can either activate the GUI by typing /MENU,ON, or you can activate the help system directly by issuing /UI,HELP.

This command is valid in any processor.

Menu Paths

This command cannot be accessed from a menu.

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