Produces an element display.

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Produces an element display of the selected elements. In full graphics, only those elements faces with all of their corresponding nodes selected are plotted. In PowerGraphics, all element faces of the selected element set are plotted irrespective of the nodes selected. However, for both full graphics and PowerGraphics, adjacent or otherwise duplicated faces of 3-D solid elements will not be displayed in an attempt to eliminate plotting of interior facets. See the DSYS command for display coordinate system issues.

This command will display curvature in midside node elements when PowerGraphics is activated [/GRAPHICS,POWER] and /EFACET,2 or /EFACET,4 are enabled. (To display curvature, two facets per edge is recommended [/EFACET,2]). When you specify /EFACET,1, PowerGraphics does not display midside nodes. /EFACET has no effect on EPLOT for non-midside node elements.

This command is valid in any processor.

Menu Paths

Main Menu>Preprocessor>Modeling>CMS>CMS Superelements>By Picking
Main Menu>Solution>Time Controls>Time Step Prediction
Utility Menu>Plot>Elements

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