EDNROT, Option, CID, Cname, DOF1, DOF2, DOF3, DOF4, DOF5, DOF6
Applies a rotated coordinate nodal constraint in an explicit dynamics analysis.

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Label identifying the option to be performed:



Add a rotated nodal coordinate constraint (default).



Delete specified rotated nodal coordinate constraints.



List all rotated nodal coordinate constraints.


Coordinate system ID for which rotated nodal constraints will be added or deleted. The CID must have been previously defined with the EDLCS command. If Option = DELE, use CID = ALL to delete all previously specified nodal constraints.


Nodal component set to which the rotated coordinate constraint will be applied. Cname must be previously specified using the CM command.

DOF1, DOF2, DOF3, . . . , DOF6

Degrees of freedom for which the rotated nodal constraint will be applied. Valid degree of freedom labels include UX, UY, UZ, ROTX, ROTY, and ROTZ. If DOF1 = ALL, rotated nodal constraints will be applied to all degrees of freedom.


Constraints applied with EDNROT are zero displacement constraints.

This command is also valid in SOLUTION.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.

Menu Paths

Main Menu>Preprocessor>LS-DYNA Options>Constraints>Apply>Rotated Nodal
Main Menu>Preprocessor>LS-DYNA Options>Constraints>Delete>Rotated Nodal>Delete All
Main Menu>Preprocessor>LS-DYNA Options>Constraints>Delete>Rotated Nodal>Delete Individ
Main Menu>Solution>Constraints>Apply>Rotated Nodal
Main Menu>Solution>Constraints>Delete>Rotated Nodal>Delete All
Main Menu>Solution>Constraints>Delete>Rotated Nodal>Delete Individ

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