Creates a conical volume centered about the working plane origin.

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Radii of the bottom and top faces of the cone. A value of zero or blank for either RBOT or RTOP defines a degenerate face at the center axis (i.e., the vertex of the cone). The same value for both RBOT and RTOP defines a cylinder instead of a cone.

Z1, Z2

Working plane Z coordinates of the cone. The smaller value is always associated with the bottom face.


Starting and ending angles (either order) of the cone. Used for creating a conical sector. The sector begins at the algebraically smaller angle, extends in a positive angular direction, and ends at the larger angle. The starting angle defaults to 0° and the ending angle defaults to 360°. See the Modeling and Meshing Guide for an illustration.


Defines a solid conical volume centered about the working plane origin. The non-degenerate face (top or bottom) is parallel to the working plane but not necessarily coplanar with (i.e., "on") the working plane. The cone must have a spatial volume greater than zero. (i.e., this volume primitive command cannot be used to create a degenerate volume as a means of creating an area.) For a cone of 360°, top and bottom faces will be circular (each area defined with four lines), and they will be connected with two areas (each spanning 180°). See the CON4 command for an alternate way to create cones.

Menu Paths

Main Menu>Preprocessor>Modeling>Create>Volumes>Cone>By Dimensions

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