CMMOD, Cname, Keyword, Value
Modifies the specification of a component.

Compatible Products: – | Pro | Premium | Enterprise | Ent PP | Ent Solver | DYNA


Name of the existing component or assembly to be modified.


The label identifying the type of value to be modified.

NAME - Modify the NAME of the component

If Keyword is NAME, then the value is the alphanumeric label to be applied. See the CM command for naming convention details. If a component named Value already exists, the command will be ignored and an error message will be generated.


The naming conventions for components, as specified in the CM command, apply for CMMOD (32 characters, “ALL”, “STAT” and “DEFA” are not allowed, etc.). However, if you choose a component name that is already designated for another component, an error message will be issued and the command will be ignored.

This command is valid in any processor.

Menu Paths

This command cannot be accessed from a menu.

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