CHECK, Sele, Levl
Checks current database items for completeness.

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Specifies which elements are to be checked:



Check all data.



Check only elements in the selected set and unselect any elements not producing geometry check messages. The remaining elements (those producing check messages) can then be displayed and corrected. A null set results if no elements produce a message. Issue ESEL,ALL to select all elements before proceeding.


Used only with Sele = ESEL:



Select elements producing warning and error messages.



Select only elements producing error messages (default).


This command will not work if SHPP,OFF has been set. A similar, automatic check of all data is done before the solution begins.

If the "Check Elements" option is invoked through the GUI (menu path Main Menu> Preprocessor> Meshing> Check Elems), the CHECK,ESEL logic is used to highlight elements in the following way: good elements are blue, elements having warnings are yellow, and bad (error) elements are red.

Note:  The currently selected set of elements is not changed by this GUI function.

This command is also valid in PREP7.

Menu Paths

Main Menu>Preprocessor>Meshing>Check Mesh>Individual Elm>Select Warning/Error Elements

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